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Friday, 07 July 2017 12:28

We even accommodate the prickly!

Last week we were lucky enough to host a school of explorers. Whilst walking the stream below our campfire a little hoglet was spotted. The poor prickly didn’t seem to be enjoying the stream as much as the guests, so they called for help! Their teacher arrived with a small box, and tissues to keep the hog warm and dry. As recommended by our vet we had a quick trip down to the practice to leave the hoglet in expert hands and on the road to recovery. 


After the lucky find it came to us that we must have other hedgehogs nearby and perhaps we could help them out too. So we put a bit of food out for them in our garden, not expecting to spot anything straight away but it seemed to be just what they needed! A few hours passed until we spotted some hedgehog’s hoovering up the food and potter on their way to find their next grub.


Our natural surroundings provide a lot of habitat for hedgehogs to thrive. We don’t use pesticides on the grounds either. We’re not too keen on slugs but the hedgehogs love them, so the more we can provide for them the happier they can be!


So on your next visit to Dunfield keep your eyes peeled, you might meet some of our locals! 


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