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Questions we often hear from our lovely guests


Q. What will I need to bring?

A. The weather can often change from day to day and when it rains, mud isn’t far away – so we recommend some clothes, shoes, wellington boots and waterproof clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy! Our indoor pool is a great hit so your costume and a towel for swimming is worth bringing, even if you think you might not want to swim. You might miss out on a great activity. 

We provide bedding packs and meals (if fully catered) so no bed sheets or additional food will be necessary. We do ask all guests to bring your own toiletries and towels too.

You may also want to bring a favourite bedtime cuddly toy, a book, a camera to record your stay and a torch.  If you are coming with your school, please make sure you bring only the items on their checklist.


Q. Who is responsible for us?

Young people/ Students – Our staff at Dunfield house are responsible for looking after the grounds and the house, bedding, and providing food (if fully catered). Your teacher, parents or guardians are fully responsible for you whilst staying at Dunfield house. However we always have staff on site and regularly liaise with the teacher or the responsible adult in charge to make sure your stay is good, just as it should be!

Adult groups- to help with the smooth running of your stay we ask that one adult is the designated group leader to liaise with our Dunfield staff during your time at Dunfield – this is often the person organising/ booking the trip, but it can be anybody who wants to take on that role.  We have found that one point of contact enables effective communication and effective response times to help you gain the most out of your stay, making your trip more enjoyable for you and everyone in your group.

For more information on this, you may find the checklist below useful.



Q. What activities do you have at Dunfield house?

A. We have 15 acres of grounds with terraced lawns, walks through woodland, streams and our field. On the grounds close to the house, we have a small sized football pitch, a volleyball area, swimming pool, a disc golf course (like golf but using Frisbees) camp fire sites, a children’s adventure play area, labyrinth and peace garden. Dunfield house is a relaxing environment and we wish for you to have as much fun as we do, we hope that our space will be enjoyed and explored by all within your group or family.


Q. Why choose Dunfield house?

A. We have created a group accommodation centre that we want our groups to see as their home whilst they are here. We have many groups coming back, year on year… 85% in fact! Staff at Dunfield all have our own reasons why we think you should come, but take a look at what some of our previous guests have to say:

“Dunfield is a warm & welcoming, located in a unique place of beauty, peace and tranquility”

“The food was tasty and wholesome, the staff were so helpful”

“Somewhere both children and adults can enjoy”


Q. How safe is Dunfield house?

A. We always have at least one member of staff on site at all times, so in case of an emergency that your group leader cannot help with, we are always here.  We work with consultants to ensure our health and safety record is the best it can be. Group leaders are responsible for locking up at night and have all the necessary keys to do that.

We can accommodate sole use groups using all of the accommodation and site or we can accommodate a maximum of two groups onsite; one in the house and one in the stables. The layout of the two buildings means that you quite often don’t meet the other group – however both groups have full use of the grounds, so for this reason we pair groups accordingly. For example if we have a school group in the house we can hire the stables out to a family group or youth group with young people of a similar age.

Within the first couple of hours of your arrival one of our managers will welcome you to Dunfield and will explain our fire evacuation policy. All of our groups of young people will have a practice evacuation to know what the alarm sounds like and where to meet up with everyone.


Q. Can I get to Dunfield using public transport?

A. You can get to Kington which is 2 miles away from Dunfield on public transport – There are train stations at Hereford, Leominster and Knighton depending on which part of the country you are from.  There is a local bus service from Hereford and Leominster – we find Hereford has the most buses running each day.  We are sure someone from your group or a member of our staff could pick you up from Kington.


Q. What is the food like?

A. Our head cook and her team loves to serve home cooked meals made with love!  Meals are served family style with everyone sitting down at the same time for good food and good conversations.  One person from your table will go to the kitchen, collect the food & bring to the middle of your table.  You can then put as much or as little onto your plate. We invite all of our guests to try everything that is served.  If you have a special diet for religious, ethical or health reasons we will prepare individual meals for you when you can’t have the main meal or sweet. We have not found a diet that we cannot cater for yet!  Take a look at what our guests have said about Dunfield food:

“Wonderful surroundings, wonderful cooking, wonderful place”


“Thank you for the delicious food & hospitality”


“We have all gone home a stone heavier from all the delicious food!”


Our availability calendar for the Main House – contact us by telephone, email or website enquiry form for more information

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