Dunfield is very special to those that know it. We love it here for its serenity and being surrounded by nature and love sharing that with you. Our passion is the people who visit and seeing the effect that Dunfield has on everyone.

We’re proud to run a stripped back, bunk-house style home for you where the spirit of the shared experience runs through mealtimes and bedtimes.

Group Accommodation

This is the place you’ve been looking for your school trip that is safe, welcoming and inspiring, where your pupils learn more about themselves and connect with their teachers away from the routine of the school day.

This is the place where community and faith-based groups have the mental and physical space to come together to either reflect on their year and make future plans, or conveniently meet again in the middle when your group is spread across Britain.

Group Accommodation

This is the place where you can take in sole use of an 18th Century former family home for your family. Reconnect in shared rooms where you fall asleep and wake up together to another day of beautiful scenery and time that is truly your own.

This is the place where you remember…
How Good the World Can Be.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Dunfield House for further information.

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