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Catching up with Nic, the Chef!

It’s a secret recipe that makes Dunfield house stand out from the rest. Much like any good recipe; if there’s something missing, the taste is there but it’s just not quite the same. It goes without saying that the staff at Dunfield are our staple ingredient.

With this in mind it made me feel humbled to work with the Dunfield bunch.

So notebook in hand and questions on the mind, I scouted out our Head Chef, Nic to find out a bit more about her life in and out of Dunfield.

Perhaps moseying into the kitchen mid-way through her prep time, pouring a coffee and urge to know if she’d rather have Hulk hands or super human speed could be the least subtle approach to “an informal interview I can use for marketing content” as pitched to my manager, but these are the questions we need answering, am I right?

And here’s what I found out…

Q. Would you rather have Hulk hands or superhuman speed?

Superhuman speed! I would just get everything done much quicker; doing 100 things at once would be great… Hulk hands wouldn’t be very useful in the kitchen either.

Q. As a chef, what’s your favourite thing about working here at Dunfield?

There’s so much variety here from adult groups to primary schools, meaning changing up the menu to suit the guests for each group which keeps me on my toes. Making sure all dietary requirements are met is rewarding. There’s a good balance here.

Q. When not at Dunfield, where would we most likely find you/ what would you most likely be doing?

Trying new restaurants, pubs and foods in the local area. I also love exploring the local countryside, my ‘go to’ place at the moment is Bodenham lake. There are lots of walks around the area I love and many more to explore.

Q. What’s the TV series that you always fall back on when you have a spare half an hour?

I’m a fan of Come Dine With Me. I wouldn’t mind going on there one day! I would cook up chicken, bacon and mushroom with a white wine sauce. Bound to be a winner!

Q. What’s your favourite single/ album?

I quite like belting out Scared to Be Lonely - Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa at the moment. But as for classics, I like Savage Garden!

Q. It would seem silly not asking you what your favourite thing to cook is…

I love cooking Risotto. There’s just so much you can do to it; I like meals that you can chop and change but still have the basis there.

Q. And to eat?

A BURGER! It has to have cheese, bacon and a bit of mayo in a little brioche. Can’t beat it!

Q. If you could meet anybody (Dead or alive) who would you choose?

Freddie Mercury, he had such an interesting, creative life!


There’s never a dull moment at Dunfield house with more exciting times for us on the horizon. Our kitchen team is growing and we’re looking for the perfect candidate for the role.

So if you’re a creative cook looking for a change, this could be the job for you. We are a well-established, passionate business with team work at its core.

Offering flexible catering hours and relevant training; previous experience or qualifications in catering are desirable but we will also consider training or apprenticeships. So if you feel as if working with Nic and the team sounds like the job for you, get in touch!


Please don’t hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or call us on 01544 230 563 for a chat.